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eefi fine art

Contract Work, 2022

brand identity

eefi "eh-fi" fine art was my first branding project as contract work. Erin came to me wanting to rebrand and I was delighted that she trusted me with the process. Erin is a Chattanooga local artist. She creates amazing abstract landscape and portrait work. She began her business with no true brand. She had a self-made logo and decided that her work was picking up enough that she wanted a true brand for herself. 


For her brand Erin expressed wanting something floral, elegant, fun, and all lowercase. We put mood boards together and I went from there. 


Erin grew up in New Orleans and then moved to Memphis following hurricane Katrina. She is as colorful as the New Orleans flare mixed with old southern elegance. I wanted to incorporate these things into her brand. We chose a subdued, but colorful look for her brand with an abstract magnolia as the centerpiece, being her favorite flower. 

Now that her brand is created, we are working on creating print pieces for her to use in her daily business. We will be creating things such as invoices, stickers, artist statements, thank you notes, etc. I am excited to continue working with Erin as we create everything she needs to be able to communicate well with her clients. 

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