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A Year of Dolly

Personal Work, 2021

illustration, craft, layout

Growing up in Southeast Tennessee/Northwest Georgia, Dolly Parton was a household name. It wasn't however until after high school that my true love and appreciation began.  Dolly's music helps people connect and relate to one another in a way that is rarely matched. She puts into words the feeling of growing up in the soft hills and beneath the mossy trees of the south while creating a nostalgia that can be related to from anywhere.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, I found myself  listening to Dolly more than ever before. As her music stops to capture sweet and simple moments of the day to day while exploring the depths of the emotions that we all experience, it helped me to do the same. Her music helped me to stop and focus on the sweet moments of each day even in the midst of the pandemic. 

I decided to create this calendar as an ode to the sweet moments that came out of the year 2020, and as and ode to Dolly as she puts in so much work to love her community well. 


After finishing my calendar, I decided that I wanted to do something out of the ordinary with the final printed piece. I did not want to bind my calendar normally, I chose to build my own calendar holder. This holder can be used again and again for a new calendar each year. This is not only an environmentally sustainable choice, but it is inexpensive and simple. After creating the holder. I decided to make a second version of the magazine in a smaller size. I have an 11x17 version and an 8.5x11 version.

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