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Mainspring Homes

Contract Work, 2023

brand identity

Kaylee and Alyssa from Mainspring reached out to me in January 2023. They are working to form their real estate business and needed someone to work with them to create a logo and brand guide for them. I was excited about the opportunity to work with them. 

Kaylee expressed that they wanted to use the Tenn Bridge in Chattanooga as the starting point for their logo. They shared that they liked the idea of using one of Chattanooga's iconic bridges for their logo, but didn't want to use the walking bridge like everyone else. The Tenn Bridge is the train bridge that crosses the river just below the dam. Everyone knows this bridge as the "one with the house on top." They sent along their inspiration photos adding that they want flowers coming from the chimney of the house and that they had already picked out their font. 

image (1) (1).png
image (4) (1).png

From these photos and the information that they shared, I created a few thumbnails to present to Kaylee and Alyssa. They chose some aspects from each of them that they liked and we ended up with this logo. 

After choosing a main logo, I worked on creating a full brand guide for Kaylee and Alyssa which included logo variants, fonts, color palettes, etc. 

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