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Anne of Green Gables

Class Project, 2021

ebook, typography, illustration

As a part of a class assignment, we were given instruction to research a book and create a new cover for it. I chose Anne of Green Gables as I have always been fond of the character, Anne. I grew up loving these books and thought if I could design a cover for any book, I'd want it to be Anne of Green Gables.

In my cover design I chose to do flat lay illustration, because it is a distortion of reality, but is not too far from the truth which is a theme that runs through Anne's mind as she thinks through life. What is Reality? I chose to refrain from giving her a face of any kind and instead placed her name over her face, because the character of Anne is in constant search of her identity. It seems the only part of herself that she has any control of is the spelling of her name, Anne with an "e." She claims that spelling Anne with an "e" makes her name more stately and elegant which is why I chose the font that I used. I wanted something to portray how she imagines herself to be. Finally, I chose the background of tree limbs, flowers, and leaves, because she often gets lost in her imagination through nature. Nature captivates her and draws her to daydream. She finds comfort in the beauty of the nature that surrounds her throughout the book. 

After creating the cover for the ebook, I decided I wanted to take my hand at designing the whole thing, so that is exactly what I did. 

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