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My name is Sydney and I am an emerging designer and photographer with a heart for clean, beautiful design. 

I am passionate about using design and photography to tell stories. Every design piece is the visual story of someone or something. Getting to know the story is the first step to great design and is what I strive to do as I create.

I am a big fan of nature which often inspires the things that I create. The story of nature and the poetry of creation spark ideas, colors, and patterns in my mind.


why nuu savi?

Nuu Savi means "People of the Rain" in the Mixtec language, which is the language of the Mexican village where my grandparents raised their children. As missionaries, they were among the first people to ever translate the bible into the Mixtec language. Growing up hearing the stories that my father told about growing up surrounded by the "people of the rain" shaped so much of who I am today. 

Design is the reflection of a story told. A picture of someone's dream being put into action, a way to advocate for someone without a voice, or a way to simply reflect information into the world. As I design, I hope to be a "people of the rain" creating puddles that reflect my client as they share their story with the world.

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